Opportunité d'affaire Surveillance des activités maritimes à proximité des ouvrages offshore RTE

J - 14
Provision of monitoring services of vessel traffic/activities for subsea power cable protection in the vicinity of offshore wind farm export cables and interconnectors (optional) in the English Channel, in the Atlantic and in the Mediterranean Sea. The related contract is expected to cover a period of several years and a growing number of assets over the years.
Description of the procurement:

The scope of work includes:

- Procurement/acquisition of relevant AIS (Automatic Identification System) data, additional other data sources may also be considered;

- Setup of a relevant monitoring system able to consider protection zones and protection rules around the assets based on the above data feed;

- Support for the system setup (zones, rules, alerts, etc.) for the relevant subsea assets;

- Continuous 24/7 monitoring with autonomous management of alerts/alarms and communication with 3rd parties, including in case of critical events with available or on-call duty personnel;

- Regular reporting of activities, interventions, events, etc.;

- Event reconstitution and provision of historical data in case of incident.

The proposed monitoring system shall not require any dedicated hardware installation. If hardware are still deemed required by the Contractor, this shall be fully managed, installed, maintained, decommissioned by the Contractor outside of any RTE premises and this shall be fully transparent to RTE.